Thursday, 17 May 2007

1. Qualification German Jumping Derby - Riders Tour Hamburg

01 Preis der EUROGATE Container Terminals

Welcome Class - International
Height: 1,40 m

Pl. Horse Rider Faults Time

1. Chienos Nagel, Carsten-Otto GER 0 62.84
2. Ivana Nagel, Tjark GER 0 64.85
3. Diabolo d´ysieux Brocks, Karl GER 0 66.18
4. Lambrasco Meyer, Janne-Friederike GER 0 67.48
5. Golas Rüping, Philip GER 0 67.68
6. Goshawk Kreutzmann, Jörg GER 0 68.15
7. Chicago Schou, Andreas DEN 0 68.92
8. Gento Leichle, Mike Patrick GER 0 69.59
9. Lonely Boy Schneider, Karl GER 0 69.84
10. Cabochon 12 Andersen, Lars Bak DEN 0 70.76

Complete list of results you will find here.

A video of the qualification you will find here.

Monday, 14 May 2007

FEI Ranking List

You will find actual FEI ranking list here:

FEI Ranking List (click here).

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Horse Sales

Welcome to the German Horse Trader !

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

German TV visits Lady Weingart

A team of German Center TV starts report about Lady Weingart.

At first they will show a complete day of Lady’s usual life including her training. Furthermore they will integrate exciting scenes of Lady’s tournaments at show jumping.

Expected date for publishing is the week before CHIO World Equestrian Games.


There were even more surprises in store in the closing competition of the Rolex FEI World Cup™ Jumping Finals this afternoon in Las Vegas where Switzerland´s Beat Mandli reigned supreme with Ideo du Thot.

In a class that seemed to be choreographed to produce maximum drama, Daniel Deusser rocketed up from overnight 14th to take second place while fellow-German Markus Beerbaum and Switzerland´s Steve Guerdat finished joint-third.

Defending champion Marcus Ehning had to settle for fifth spot, and the sudden departure of hot-favourite Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum due to a freak fall left the crowd stunned at the end of the first round. There was nothing predictable about the 2006-2007 World Cup series-closer and superb course-building by Brazil´s Guillherme Jorge ensured a classical conclusion to one of the most exciting indoor jumping seasons in many years.

Germany´s Michaels-Beerbaum shared the lead with Guerdat as today´s competition began, with Mandli lying just one point behind after the results of the first two legs of the final had been calculated.

Holland´s Leopold Van Asten carried just two points while Germany´s Marco Kutscher and America´s McLain Ward each carried three and just one fence separated Markus Beerbaum from the top of the order.

But only two fences separated the top 12 horses and riders so it was wide open and clear rounds would count for a great deal.It was Canada´s John Pearce who came up with the first of these when his big Oldenburg gelding Archie Bunker sailed around the tricky opening track.

Jorge posed some really tough questions with a flimsy double of white rails at fence four and a difficult line from 9 to 11 which stretched horses over the opening triple bar and then tempted them down to the following 1.58m vertical before presenting them with a big oxer with a water tray beneath it.

Riders who attacked the triple bar found themselves running out of room in front of the vertical and the distance to the following oxer asked for a forward three strides. Those who couldn´t string it all together often paid a price as the World No. 1 rider Michaels-Beerbaum was about to find out.

Pearce´s Archie Bunker however was one of the real \"finds\" of this final, the nine year old gelding really coming into his own when the fences were raised and Judy-Ann Melchior from Belgium, at 20 years of age the youngest competitor, was next to go clear with some great jumping from her mare Grande Dame.

Germany´s Rene Tebbel then followed suit with Team Harmony Coupe de Coeur as did Deusser with Air Jordan Z and when Ehning, lying eighth and still in with a shot at taking his third World Cup title, left all the fences up with Gitania the German challenge looked super-strong.

Markus Beerbaum and Leena and Marco Kutscher and Cash both faulted once at the Rolex triple combination at fence seven while McLain Ward´s first-day winner Sapphire seemed to be running on an increasingly empty tank as she hit the oxers at fences three and six and Van Asten´s mare VDL Groep Fleche Rouge caught the first element of the double at four and kicked a brick off the following wall for eight faults also.

With just three left to go Mandli looked like he was about to produce only the sixth clear from the 28 starters but he admitted afterwards that he had \"a bad ride to the second-last\" and with the horse´s rhythm disturbed they hit the last for four faults.

The top of the leaderboard was changing by the moment but no-one could have expected what was going to happen next.Michaels-Beerbaum was second-last into the ring first time out and Shutterfly was looking very good indeed until the partnership started heading down the line from 9 to 11.

The brilliant 14 year old gelding put in a huge effort, as he so often does, at the final oxer and Meredith seemed to sit back as she often does to maintain her balance. But Shutterfly´s power seemed to fire her out of the saddle and as the horse began to put down his landing gear she was already falling off to the right. \"It happened so fast she didn´t really know what happened\" her husband Markus Beerbaum explained later. \"She wanted to go a little left to get an inside turn but he just seemed to disappear from under her - these things happen in our sport and you just have to accept them\" he pointed out.

Meredith´s departure left Guerdat in a stronger position but things were not going to go perfectly for him either. The stride didn´t come up quite right in front of the penultimate vertical and that fell for four faults but he was still leading the posse as the second round began over a new course.

Mandli was now lying joint-second with Ehning just a point behind while Kutscher and Markus Beerbaum completed the top five at this stage but it was still a long way from over.

Jorge´s new nine-fence track included a difficult treble with a long two strides between the second and third elements that was really going to stretch the shorter-striding horses and again the line of triple bar at fence 6 to vertical at 7 was going to test control and accuracy while the turn from the vertical at four to the oxer with water-tray at five was a difficult manoeuvre.

With America´s Molly Ashe-Cawley and Schuyler Riley withdrawn the final-round field of 18 was led by Holland´s Gerco Schroder and Eurocommerce Milano who left all the fences up as did both Sweden´s Malin-Baryard Johnsson and Butterfly Flip and Germany´s Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Candy.

The German rode brilliantly through the tricky treble, producing his whip at precisely the right moment to persuade his shorter-striding mare to open up enough to make the distance to the final element and he was rightly pleased with her performance which, in the final analysis, left them in equal-sixth place alongside Christian Ahlmann and Coster.

It was Deusser´s second clear performance however that was to rocket this young man up the order when, now lying ninth, those ahead of him began to crumble. Ward and Ahlmann each had a fence down while Van Asten dropped two and Beerbaum´s Leena caught the first element of the final double before both Kutscher and Ehning each picked up a double-error on course.

Ehning could now see the dream of a back-to-back World Cup title victory slip from his grasp but in typical style he just patted Gitania who had given it her best shot.

The two Swiss men now at the top of the order then battled it out, Mandli´s Ideo du Thot jumping as smoothly as pouring chocolate to go clear this time and pile the pressure on his fellow-countryman. And when Guerdat´s 11 year old stallion Tresor double-faulted it was all over.\"He jumped the first round really good, it was probably his best jumping all week\" said 24 year old Guerdat afterwards, \"but from the first fence in the second round the power was gone and it was a long round - he was getting very tired and he kind of gave up a little bit during the second half of the round\" the rider explained.

But he was far from disconsolate. After a year that saw him struggling in the aftermath of losing his job at Jan Tops yard in Holland the young Swiss rider´s joint-third placing today was a huge achievement. \"A year ago I was in the deepest hole of my life and I had to start all over again. It was tough but I tried to keep fighting- but six months ago it would have been unrealistic to expect I´d ever find myself here today\" he said sitting on the podium alongside the rest of the top prize-winners.

Markus Beerbaum admitted he never expected to find himself there either. \"I´m amazed to be here to be honest\" he said, \"and I have to pay a big compliment to my horse. I thought it would be great if we could finish in the top 10, that was my ambition, so finishing third is really exciting for me\".

Deusser too was almost in shock. \"It was unbelievable to qualify for the World Cup final and it´s unbelievable that I have finished second!\" he said. A former rider at Franke Sloothaak´s yard in Germany he has now replaced Guerdat as Jan Tops´ stable jockey in Valkenswaard, Holland and his career has enjoyed a meteoric rise since he took up the ride on Air Jordan Z just a few months ago. \"We started jumping together in 1.40m and 1.45m classes and then we finished fourth in the World Cup qualifier in Amsterdam and won the Grand Prix in s´Hertogenbosch.

We didn´t do too many big shows together but now I think my horse has shown that he is a championship horse\" the 25 year old rider pointed out.Mandli meanwhile was finding it all a bit difficult to take in. \"I´ve never had this feeling before. I´ve never won a championship and I don´t think I am taking it in just yet but I´m very happy for my horse and me\" he said.

The warm-up area at the Thomas & Mack arena is inside a tent and high winds coming in off the desert created problems for the Swiss rider in the first round because of the noise it created.

\"My horse is sensitive and the wind made him quite nervous before we went into the first round\" he explained, \"but before the second round he was really good outside and I rode very quietly in the ring. I didn´t mind if Steve won because he is also Swiss but Ideo was super to ride in the second round, he jumped unbelievably\" he added.

He said he got Ideo as a seven year old but that he was previously overshadowed by his other two great horses Principal and Indigo.

However since they have been out of action Ideo has had to take their place \"and he is now my No. 1\" Mandli pointed out. \"He´s very careful and good in his mind, he´s a great horse\" and he said he was very proud to record this win for Switzerland \"because I am only the second rider ever to win this trophy for my country\" - Markus Fuchs being the other, winning at Gothenburg with Tinka´s Boy in 2001.

Mandli could also be proud of the fact that he trains Guerdat who he has known \"since he was a kid\" and Guerdat´s admiration for his 37 mentor was undeniable.

Talking about how difficult it is for a country like Switzerland to battle with giants like Germany, Guerdat insisted that Swiss riders are equally talented - \"Beat Mandli is as good as any German, in fact he´s better!\" Guerdat said. \"At any Championship or World Cup we try hard - they have so many more riders but quality-wise we are just as good as them\" he said determinedly, adding that today´s winner is \"the greatest rider ever!\".

Mandli just smiled and, today, nobody was arguing with that....

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Las Vegas


Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum did what she does best when turning on the style to win the second competition at the Rolex FEI World Cup™ Jumping Final in Las Vegas tonight and goes into Sunday´s deciding round as joint-leader with Switzerland´s Steve Guerdat.The Swiss are strong as Beat Mandli, who finished third at the 2006 final in Kuala Lumpur, is separated from the leading pair by only a single point while Holland´s Leopold Van Asten is just one more point further in arrears. Overnight leader McLain Ward from the USA lost his advantage when denied a place in tonight´s second-round jump-off by a single first-round error and slipped to fifth spot which he shares with Germany´s Marco Kutscher, but only one fence separates the top seven riders so it´s still all to play for in the closing stages.

Course designer Guillherme Jorge forecast between eight and ten riders into the jump-off and his first estimate proved most accurate. His 1.60m track was always going to test scope but there were some real hard-luck stories as four riders - USA´s Kate Levy (Vent du Nord), Belgium´s Judy-Ann Melchior (Grande Dame Z) and Germans Rene Tebbel (Team Harmony Coupe du Coeur) and Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst (Candy) - were clear all the way only to kick out the final FEI vertical to join nine others on a four-fault score. An apparent error of course by Rich Fellers who steered Gyro from the triple combination at fence 8 directly on to the tricky Rolex planks fence at 12 incurred elimination for the American while Poland´s Lukasz Jonczyk disappeared from the reckoning when taking a fall from the 10 year old gelding Ritus after a mistake in the middle of the treble.Seventh to go, it was Australia´s Edwina Alexander who produced the first clean sheet with Isovlas Pialotta but another 12 horses jumped before American veteran Margie Engle followed suit with Hidden Creek´s Quervo Gold.

Then the clears began to stack up with another impressive performance from home runner Schuyler Riley and Ilian, a great round from Marco Kutscher and Cash and a truly classy tour of the track by Beat Mandli who was lying ninth overnight with Ideo du Thot. Next in, Michaels-Beerbaum and Shutterfly had a tricky moment at the oxer at fence 9 which they rattled very hard indeed. \"The problem started in the combination beforehand\" the rider explained afterwards. \"Shutterfly jumped well in but backed off a little in the middle so I gave him leg and he´s not used to that so he got really strong. He lost his mouth to fence 9 and we didn´t get the distance. I was extremely lucky there as I well know\" the World No. 1 rider admitted.

Holland´s Leopold Van Asten lost none of the ground he had gained by a great performance the previous day when going clear again with VDL Groep Fleche Rouge but Western European League winner Christian Ahlmann from Germany hit the second element at 11 which proved another bogey on the course before Pollmann-Schweckhorst hit the last and that left just four to go in the first round.Steve Guerdat steered Tresor home safely but defending champion Marcus Ehning dropped down the leaderboard when the grey mare Gitania clipped the first element at 11 while fellow-German Markus Beerbaum lost his grip on second spot when Leena lowered the middle of the triple combination. As riders competed in reverse order of merit Thursday´s winner McLain Ward was last into the ring but to the horror of the home crowd Sapphire, who seemed to have lost a little of her sparkle, lowered the oxer at fence nine to return a four-fault result and miss out on a place in the timed round.Alexander and Pialotta were pathfinders against the clock but hit the third fence consisting of the first two elements of the treble which was now reduced to a double of vertical to oxer, picking up four faults in 32.15 seconds.

The opening oxer was followed by a sharp left-hand turn to a vertical and the distance to the following double of vertical-to-oxer proved influential, with riders going on five strides often finding themselves too deep and only the big gallopers making it on four. Engle and Quervo´s Gold hit the front element here as well as the final FEI planks for eight faults and Riley and Ilian also met the first element of the double wrong and the following oxer. Kutscher and Cash however left them all up to set the target in 32.01 seconds but Mandli´s big-striding 11 year old Ideo du Thot made the four-stride distance to the double look ever so easy and cruised home in 30.89 to raise the temperature significantly. Michaels-Beerbaum then set sail with Shutterfly and opted for caution to the double but she really opened up when asking for a huge stand-off to the penultimate oxer and Shutterfly never hesitated, galloping down the final planks to break the beam in an incredible 29.38 seconds. Van Asten´s mare proved no threat when hitting the bogey first element of the double but Guerdat and Tresor seemed to be in touch until lowering the second-last for four faults in 29.76 seconds.

The win here would have left the 24 year old Swiss rider well in command going into Sunday´s finale but as fastest four-faulter his fourth placing behind Kutscher in third, Mandli in second and Michaels-Beerbaum at the head of the field was good enough to leave him joint-leader with tonight´s winner when the complicated calculation of points was completed.\"I didn´t see the others go in the jump-off\" Michaels-Beerbaum explained, \"but I know I made up time on the turn-back to fence 2 (the second-last). We were on a very forward stride and we were a long way off it but Shutterfly showed his class and his trust for me by jumping it\". When asked if she had been a little conservative in Thursday´s competition she said \"the course was not ideal for Shutterfly. Horses had to stop, start and turn and he doesn´t do that well but he jumped beautifully. When we were only eighth at the end I thought it would be difficult for me to come back but as you can see I hadn´t given up!\"Runner-up Mandli said that he didn´t think he rode Ideo du Thot well yesterday \"but today he was really fighting for me and I´m very happy\". The Swiss rider has a spectacular string of horses to choose from and said he decided three months ago to bring Ideo to Las Vegas \"because he is good jumping indoors, he likes tight places and he was very good in Kuala Lumpur last year\". Kutscher explained that he had been having some reservations about bringing Cash to the World Cup final but he had been out of action for a few weeks due to an injury. \"I wasn´t sure whether to bring him but I knew he likes Las Vegas - he was eighth here in the World Cup in 2005 and I´m very happy with third place today.\"If the statistics are anything to go by then anyone lying sixth or better is still well in with a chance of winning the 2006/2007 FEI World Cup™ Jumping title when the top two-thirds of the starting order - a total of 27 horses and riders - return to the Thomas & Mack Arena on Sunday. Michaels-Beerbaum recalled that she was lying sixth after the second competition before winning in 2005 while Mandli said he was lying second after the second competition last year before eventually finishing third. Meredith said \"the difference between Shutterfly in 2005 and 2007 is that the combination is better. I came here with the intention of showing that my relationship with the horse has improved over the last two years and whether I win or not I´m proud of that\".For Marcus Ehning the chances of making it a back-to-back double of wins have become a bit more remote but, lying eighth after the first two legs, he will only be carrying five penalties into Sunday´s decider so he´s not out of it yet. Michaels-Beerbaum looks hungry to stake her claim to the World Cup title for a second time but Guerdat is unlikely to flinch at the challenge that faces him on Sunday so it´s shaping up for a fight to the finish....

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Lady Weingart’s trophies of the previous weekend

Those rosettes attach such a great value because the “Gut Neuhaus Indoors 2007” have just been Lady Weingart’s second indoor tournament.

The special scenery in front of nearly 4000 spectators has still been unknown terrain for her. Under those circumstances, it has an even higher status to:

Have three participations at zero faults on one weekend – that is a very impressive achievement.

Overwhelm an Olympic Champion and a World Champion repeatedly in the course of one tournament – that is a masterstroke.

Frederic Tillman now prepares Lady Weingart, habitual gentle, for the participation in the “Berufsreiter Championat”. We hope that Lady Weingart can represent herself successfully in the course of this tournament, too.

Facing the announced attendants there are more than enough thrilling challenges: Ludger Beerbaum, Marcus Ehning, Franke Sloothaak, Otto Becker und Franz-Josef Dahlmann – the “Who’s Who” of the German equestrian-elite.

However, nobody out of Lady Weingart’s team is expecting three faultless courses again. If Lady enjoys this tournament, she will show it to the experts.

Lady Weingart wins the Youngster Tour.

At today’s show jumping class S Frederic Tillmann and Lady Weingart shone again coming in second.

Even on the third day of the Youngster Tour in the course of the “Gut Neuhaus Indoors 2007” Frederick Tillmann and Lady Weingart could enthuse the audience with a faultless ride through the show-jumping course.

Again, they placed second only having to surrender Stefan Frühen on “Night Fever 6” this course.

Olympic Champion Otto Becker, who once again took part with two horses, came in third together with his horse “Romulus 105”.

All in all, Lady Weingart, having achieved two second and one sixth place, won the “Youngster Tour 2007”.

Even Olympic Champion Otto Becker, otherwise rather tight-lipped, let himself carried away to a relatively voluminous statement: “That was a very good horse!”

As true as this sentence might be, there is more to be successful at the highest state for a whole weekend.

Other than the succeeding equestrian Frederic Tillmann, there are some others such as the tireless stablehand Sonja, whose thoughts are permanently circulating around Lady’s well-being, or Kim who undertakes the towelling of Lady.

This weekend was a team profit.

Standing Ovations for Frederic Tillmann and Lady Weingart

Frederic Tillmann outpaces together with Lady Weingart even Olympic Champion Otto Becker and European Champion Christoph Brüse.

During the today’s show jumping class M/A Frederic Tillmann and Lady Weingart impressed a skilful audience with a faultless ride and an outstanding second place. The winner of this competition was Marcel Schneider on “Goldschnuppes Letzte”

Olympic Champion Otto Becker, normally used to win, had his off day with both horses and remained unseeded this time.

Christoph Brüse, European Team Champion of the juniors in 2006, placed ninth with “Championesse D”.

Lady Weingart and Frederic Tillmann assumed with their amazing performance the leadership of the Youngster Tour today.

Frederic Tillmann assimilated the standing ovations of the numerous viewers visibly emotional.

First provisional result of the “Indoors 2007”

Lady Weingart placed sixth during the show jumping class M/B in the course of the “Youngster Tour”.
Today’s champion is Martin Sterzenbach on Nordica 9.

Christoph Brüse, European Team Champion of the juniors in 2006, came in eighth with “Avanti D”.

In her second indoor tournament, Lady Weingart again showed with a faultless ride through the course and the sixth best time of 42 participants that she lives up to expectations in this season.

Lady’s participation in the “Berufsreiter Championat”

Frederic Tillmann and Lady Weingart take part in Bad Oeynhausen:

Show jumping class M/A, Friday, 13th April, from 1.30 pm
Show jumping class S, Saturday, 14th April, from 2.30 pm
Grand Prix, Sunday, 15th April, from 2.00 pm

Congratulations! Frederic Tillmann is Master of Horsemanship!

Frederic Tillmann, prosperous trainer and equestrian of Lady Weingart, passed his examinations successfully.

Therewith, Frederic Tillmann, who earned his first spurs in the stable of Paul Schockemöhle, added another flagship to his occupational career.

In addition to his job-related engagement, he succeeded in having impressing sportive prosperities.

He is bearer of the golden “Reitabzeichen”, placed fourth and fifth in the “Championat der Berufsreiter 2006” and won the bronze medal during the “Rheinische Meisterschaften 2006”.
This Year, he resolved to enlarge his sporting prosperities.

Frederic Tillmann: “It would be great if the success of 2006 would reappoint swiftly, but not at the expense of the horses. For me horses are always partners, no exchangeable piece of sports equipment!”

Show Jumping – Alteration of the rules

Alternatively: The Refusal of a horse in front of the jump

Repeatedly it is noted on tournaments that horses refuse the leap over a jump apparently astonishing or vehement. The rider has to overtake the jump in free flight initially. The “Reiterliche Vereinigung” (FN) states:

“…if horses refuse at jumps this can have numerous reasons: lacking ability to be mounted, little faith in the rider and his help as well as fear of unknown things…”

From the point of view of various experts, you define show jumping as a discipline of equestrian sports in which horse and rider have to overcome a course made of several jumps in a defined order.

That definition is to find on various web sites.

However, we think – and base our proposition amongst others on the opinion of different, experienced riders:

Horse and rider overcome the jumps generally not in a defined order but together…

In our opinion, the rule type or rather the highest-official definition should be altered immediately, because this could be another reason for the phenomena described above.

Such incidents could not only be an actual refusal but an ineffectual try to jump compliant to the definition - à la first the rider then the horse.

(Annotation of the author: This not very business-meant article does not represent the factual or functional opinion of Frederic Tillmann or the owner of Lady Weingart!)

World class starting in Bad Oeynhausen

As the “Reit- und Fahrverein Bad Oeynhausen” announced on his homepage, the German „Berufsreiter Championat 2007“will be full of top-class entrants.

Amongst others there will be:

Ludger Beerbaum (8th in the world-ranking list, fourfold Olympic Champion, multiple World and European Champion)
Marcus Ehning (3rd in the world-ranking list, multiple World Cup Champion)
Franke Sloothaak (Olympic Champion)
Otto Becker (Olympic Champion)
Franz-Josef Dahlmann

In no way we want to be arrogant but this rivalry will spur Frederic Tillmann, who placed 4th during the German “Berufsreiter Meisterschaften 2006”, and of course Lady Weingart even more.

Horse Show Jumping Festival in Keppeln

Lady Weingart did absolve her first indoor tournament successfully.

This year’s “Springfestival in Keppeln” had prominent entrants. Frederic Tillmann managed competently to take every nervousness and exertion of Lady Weingart, before starting the first indoor tournament in her still youngish tourney career. Numerous professional viewers did await the show jumping class M/B with eagerness, because Lady Weingart showed an impressing performance and promising appendages at last year’s Outdoor tournaments.

With only one knockdown in the narrowly posed course, Lady jumped together with Frederic under the top 25. This success is even more remarkable facing the 77 participating riders/horses in this class.

Congratulations and compliments to Frederic Tillmann and, of course, to the newcomer of the day – Lady Weingart.

Gaining wealth by riding?

Can anyone become rich with equestrian sports?

With that question no bets are meant. An attractive investment is the shareholding at promising horse breeds like Lady Weingart, who is currently being prepared on her future life as a superstar of the show jumping scene by Frederic Tillmann.

Even in the phase of preparing on the grand international tournaments, there are returns up to 13% possible (prize money unaccounted).

It is predicted that Lady Weingart will have a say in international tournaments in the future.
Capital asset in tourney sports pledge to become an interesting and secure return.